31 October 2012

What's in a Brand?

So often I am thinking of packaging- shape, color, texture. Afterall, the first thing people see is the packaging. I may use the best ingredients and have the best scent and the best formulated products, but if my products are lacking an image, a soul, I'm dead in the water.
I've read books, taken seminars and had some valuable mentoring from Ann Evanston. I still have a long way to go, but I'm getting there. What I have learned is that branding is like a child. It grows sometimes gracefully and sometimes there are growing pains. You have to feed your brand to give it life. Through sweat and determination, an image will develop that is an extension of you.
Here are some photos to show where I was and where I am going: 

2009 Product Group Shot

2011 Product Group Shot by Stephanie Willson Photography

The Metamorphisis of Lip Balm Labels...
This is similar to my current label. I've enlarged the font to make it easier to read.

Soap! This is how I first labeled my soaps (it took forever!).

My current labeling. I still want to change this up (I'd love to drop the plastic), but I've not landed on a design yet.

My newest label! I still need to make the font easier to read, but this design feels good.
To me, the new label above is a lot friendlier than the labels below (note the 2 different designs!).
So, I guess branding and label design are akin to a good relationship. You have to feel it, you have to be devoted to it and you have to be willing to change along with it. And, neither a good relationship or good branding is easy to figure out!
Happy day,


  1. My branding, too, has been evolving over the last year. And still working on it. I liked reading your journey too. Thanks for sharing.