08 November 2012

New Products- Candles for Horse Lovers!

Before children, before soapmaking, I was a horse lover. I think I asked Santa for a horse (a real horse) every year. I would even narrow my list down to only asking for a horse in hopes of my wish coming true. 
Yep, that's me decades ago. Drive-thru on horseback. There are so many no-nos in this photo!
Needless to say, once grown, I saved, worked two jobs and eventually attained my goal of horse ownership. I had an amazing trainer, Debbie Bucciero, and I was living my dream. 
Glory & Me
A move across the country and the thought of children created a decision to sell my sweet girl, Glory (the grey in the photo). I have the good fortune to be in contact with her current owner, Shari of White Pines Farm. Glory truly lives the good life.
Photo by Shari- White Pines Farm
I have begun to carry on the horse loving tradition with my girls. Even at early ages, both girls loved horses. They haven't asked Santa for a horse yet, but there may come a day...

Elise's first ride with Camille watching.

Another pony ride in Show Low, AZ.
While a horse isn't in the cards at this moment for us, fun, horse inspired products are. I've had a "horse line" in the back of my mind for some time and Shari has spurred me on. Finicky Filly Soy Wax Candles are having their debut this month! There are 6 high quality horse inspired scents: Carrot Cake, HayRide, Peppermint, Sugar Cube, Apple & Saddle. Finicky Filly Soy Candles make the perfect gift for the horse lover on your list. You can get your candle here.

Soaps are next, so stay tuned!

Happy day,
Calise Soapworks & Such

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