13 July 2012

To Market, To Market To Buy Handmade Soap...

Why a Farmer's Market???

I began selling soap at a farmer's market in Show Low, AZ. Why? A farmer's market is a great place to begin a business. I love meeting people and I get to meet people from all over and businesses that are local. I also don't have the overhead of a brick and mortar store (rent, utilities, advertising, etc.). I do have a store now, but that came after the markets.  Also, the markets I belong to give back to the community via different programs. So, it's a win-win situation all around.


Newport Farmer's Market is my Saturday market. They are open every Saturday May-Oct. from 9-1. Facebook is a great way to stay up to date with their weekly activities. There's also a winter market.

 Lincoln City Farmer's Market is my Sunday market. They are open Sundays from 9-3. The market is outdoors in the spring/summer and then it goes indoors on a smaller scale for the rest of the year. This market also has an active Facebook page.

I have a retail location at Dallas Health & Vitality Center  in Dallas, OR. They are attending the Polk County Bounty Market on Thursdays. I've been invited to be a special guest in Dallas Health & Vitality Center's booth on July 19 & August 16.  I'll be bringing a beautiful selection of our award-winning handmade soap, soy candles, lotions & other goodies. I'll also have samples and a special offer that can be redeemed at Dallas Health's retail location.

I can't wait to see you at the market!

Happy day,

11 July 2012

DIY Lilac Sunday Handmade Soap

Have you ever wanted to know how us crazy soap people get such beautiful designs? Here's the way I make my Lilac Sunday Soap.

First, I plan and pre-mix my colors.

Then, I mix up the entire batch of soap. When everything is mixed well, I portion out the soap in 3 bowls since I'm going to have 3 different colors. Next, I add the green color and the fragrance to one of the bowls, mix well and pour the soap into my molds.

I mixed the green layer up pretty good, so it gets thick, because I want the soap batter to be thick enough to create these grassy peaks with my spatula.

Next, I sprinkle a thin layer of skin safe mica on top of the green. I have to work fast because I have two bowls of soap batter waiting for me.

After the room is dusted lightly in gold, I add my white color and fragrance to the next bowl and mix. Then, I pour this layer into the molds.

I repeat the same process for the purple layer...

I then add a little detail with my spatula and lastly, top off the soap with a dusting of skin safe glitter.

Voila! Here is the same batch of Lilac Sunday Soap cut.

Planning my soap is an interesting process because I cut down through the layers. What you see on the top of the soap is very different looking than the finished bar.

You can buy Lilac Sunday Soap here.

Happy day,