15 November 2011

Buy Local Lincoln County

Tomorrow, Wednesday, November 15, I will be on "Buy Local Radio" to talk about Calise Soapworks & SuchBuy Local Lincoln County is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting small businesses within our county. Here is an interesting quote from the Buy Local Lincoln County Website:

                 If everyone made a 10% shift in their discretionary spending
                 (groceries, dining out, clothes, entertainment and recreation)
                 to local retailers, over $10 million of additional income
                 would stay in our county. (This small shift in spending would
                 equate to a $44.57 per month local purchase per Lincoln County

Join us tomorrow at 8:30. Tune into 1230 AM KCUP Radio. If you are not local, you can listen online! http://www.kcup.net/ streams live online. Just scroll down the Home Page and the link is on the right hand side in red.

I'll be offering a special incentive to listeners, so tune in!

Happy day,
Got soap?

02 November 2011

Giftable Wednesday- Barefoot Surf Boutique- Juanita Browne

Today's Giftable Wednesday features Juanita Browne from Barefoot Surf Boutique. She and her family work together making the old new again by creating a unique variety of bags, clothing, and accessories from both new and upcycled materials.

This sweet and simple burlap purse is just the perfect mix of shabby and chic! Carefully handcrafted from an upcycled coffee bean bag.

Fun & Fashionable Upcycled T-Shirt Scarf.These fun and funky scarves are beautifully versatile... wear them as a one of a kind headband, or as a belt to add a unique flare to your attire. They are perfect for all seasons and are sure to be a favorite accessory for years to come!

Cozy Upcycled Felted Arm Warmers with Cute Felted Flowers

Upcycled Purse

Button on serged flower in a fabulous two tone red design. Use the flower to add a super splash of color to purses, backpacks, denim jackets, etc.... by simply attaching the flower to a button.

Check out her etsy store and facebook page!

Happy day,

01 November 2011

Thank You Bramble Berry!

Much to my surprise, I received an unexpected delivery Friday. The outside sticker gave me a huge clue as to where the box came from, but I hadn't ordered anything. Hmmm.....

The suspense was building as I opened it. Notice the branding?

Wow! A thank you for participating on the Fall S.O.A.P. Panel.  

I now have a couple of fun, creative soap recipes with samples of what the finished product should look like, some activated charcoal (one of my fav colorants:), a fragrance oil and a gift certificate! A great haul for participating in something fun and rewarding. Thanks so much, Bramble Berry!