24 May 2012

Oregon Coast Today Farmers Markets on the Oregon Coast

We're published!

The Oregon Coast Today is a fun, witty, free local paper. You can find out what's happening on the Oregon Coast each week. So, it's a great resource for locals and tourists alike.

This year, they did a special edition about all the amazing Farmers Markets along the Oregon Coast.

Check out our handmade soaps on the cover of the Farmers Markets on the Oregon Coast!

You can also find a neat article about us on page 15.

If your traveling to the Oregon Coast, be sure to read the online edition or pick up a hard copy of the Oregon Coast Today to be in the know!

Happy day,

12 May 2012

Pretty, Handmade Soap is More Than Just a Dust Collector

So often I have people tell me that our soap is too pretty to use.

Is your handmade soap nestled among other souvenirs in a basket to decorate the bathroom? What kind of soap do you have in the shower? I'm guessing it isn't handmade soap...

To make your skin feel good, you need to use quality, handmade soap. Here's a solution:

We have begun to make the guest soaps for The Historic Anchor Inn. Soap that makes you say, "Wow!" is the only soap available.

So, when you stay in this amazingly memorable inn, you will wash with some cool looking handmade soap. Your skin will thank you.

Happy day,
Calise Soapworks & Such