29 October 2012

Happy Soap Making Inspiration- Bob Ross

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." ~Aristotle
...but... our parts contribute to our whole.
After rolling out of bed and attending to our girls, one of my first tasks is getting caught up on emails. This morning Google had this great graphic of Bob Ross on their page. After my smile, this image got me thinking. 

When I was little and I would come home from preschool and go to my grandparent's house, one of the shows I would watch was Bill Alexander painting shows. I loved his voice and his passion. I was hooked!
Eventually, I began to watch Bob Ross, too. Bob was a student of Bill Alexander's. Both Bill & Bob would talk about painting "happy little trees" and "happy clouds." I sign most of my letters "Happy day." I wonder if my random use of "happy" comes from these two fellows?
I also LoVe, LoVe, LoVe landscapes. Below are some photos and paintings I've done.

I even create landscapes in soap! Ocean and Desert Soap...

Is this a happy accident or happy influence? I'm leaning to the influence factor. :)

Happy birthday Bob Ross and thank you Bill & Bob for your inspiration. Your influence spans many different medias!

Happy day,
Calise Soapworks & Such


  1. My mom and I would watch Bob Ross too...happy little trees! Loved it. Thanks for reminding me of that fun time as a kid.

    1. What a fun memory. It looks like I'm making similar memories with my girls; they, too, love watching Bob Ross and Wyland on PBS.

      Happy day,

  2. Wow, those are gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing!