27 October 2012

6 Reasons to Buy and Use Handmade Soap

Are you unsure about buying and using handmade soap? Here are 6 reasons why handmade soap makes sense...

1. Handmade soap is beautiful. Like most soapmakers I take a lot of pride in creating my soaps. My first priority is to make effective soap. My second priority is to make beautiful soap.

2. Handmade soap contains quality ingredients. I usually use food grade vegetable based oils and butters in my soap and I try and source non-GMO and organic. No you shouldn't eat soap (although I used to when I was little; so, yes, I've found my calling), but feel assured that you can eat the cocoa butter or the olive oil before I incorporate it into my formulas.

3. Handmade soap contains glycerin. All handmade soaps contain natural vegetable glycerin. The glycerin is created during the soapmaking process. In addition to the recipe, the glycerin is what makes you skin feel soft and smooth.

4. Handmade soap is detergent free. I do not use sulfates or sulfites to create bubbles (I don't know of a soapmaker that does). I've worked for years to create nourishing, balanced formulas that cleanse without drying. Detergent free soaps are also better for the environment.

5. Handmade soap makes great gifts. Handmade soap is great for the person that has everything because you use soap, so everyone needs it. Also, soapmakers often have designs and scents that you can't find in big stores. Handmade soap is also easy to ship and carry on planes.

6. Buying & using handmade soap supports small businesses. This helps keep dollars in your neighborhood and you can see to whom your hard earned money is going. Buy Local Lincoln County is a local organization to promote and support locally owned small businesses within my county. I'm sure your area has a similar organization.

Happy day,
Calise Soapworks & Such


  1. What an excellent list! I'd also add that you know exactly what is going into it without having to guess or rely on others. :)

    1. Thank you, Anne-Marie! Ingredient control has always been a biggie for me. That was actually a main reason why I began making soap.

      Happy day,