05 December 2012

From the Eyes of the Beholder

Since I am a one woman show, I have the privilege of being research and development, producer, retailer, wholesaler, marketer, accountant, web designer, shipper, photographer, clean up crew and the foreman that is always standing by watching with their hands on their hips with pants, well, you know where! ... as well as being a mom (of two and four legged children) and a wife. Luckily, I love challenges and I thrive in multitasking, high energy environments (I think it is fun). Yes, sometimes I am more concered if I remembered my table coverings as opposed to having them starched and ironed!
I recently was at the Wildwoman Creations Holiday Show & Sale. This is my favorite Holiday Show. I adore Rosie and all the other Wildwomen that make this show possible. Little does Rosie know how much I have learned from her, but I recently had some ah-ha moments after looking at some photos she took of my booth at the show. Since I take so many up close product photos, I didn't realize how close-up-photography-oriented my vision has gotten. Below is my critique of me now that I see a wide angle view...
Photo 1

Photo 1: I like that I can read the prices easily and I like the color variety although this area is getting a bit too blue. I do tend to arrange in a more organic (less straight) setup because when customers pick up my products, my arrangement tends to look off-kilter. Planning for this keeps the one not-in-the-right-place item from looking like a sore thumb. I still try and keep a cohesion of product type (soaps with soaps, scrubs with scrubs, etc.), though. 
Photo 2


Photo 2: Why do I have so many things around me? Well, I have my packing materials and other little to-do items on either side and the blue lid looks like it should have a sign on it. After looking at this photo, it would make a lot more sense to put the containers under the tables out of sight as I don't need anything that quickly.

Photo 3
 Photo 3: These are cards made by my daughter, Elise. Perfect! ;)

Photo 4
Photo 4: This is a pretty respectable view. I do see a couple sample containers at the back corner of the table and I see a container lid on the floor.

Photo 5
Photo 5: I love my candle display. The base fits inside the shelves (they are supposed to be drawers), so it travels compactly and I like the dark shelving contrasting against the color pop of the candles. Yes, I'm going through a major label re haul and I still see my bags on the seat. ;)

Photo 6
Photo 6: Well, this is just cute!

If I had taken these photos, I would have cut out the not so good parts because that is what I do every day when I take and retake product photos. It took me looking at my creations through another person's eyes to see where I could do things differently to make an overall better impression. Maybe the next time you are at a market, have another person take photos of your display with your phone or camera so you can see what your display looks like though someone else's eyes.

Thanks for the inspiration Rosie! (she even has her own soap;) And, thank you, Mr. Soapy, the light of my life.

Happy day,
Calise Soapworks & Such

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