12 December 2012

Creativity Lets the Cat Out of the Bag

As a parent, I'm learning to let my girls imagine and create.  Being in the creative zone is a special place. Athletes speak of being "in the zone" but I think it also holds true for imagination, learning & creativity.
In teaching, this is called a "normalized" classroom in Montessori lingo. There's a happy buzz about, but when you look around, you see children doing a creating- moving to and fro with intent. As a teacher, when your class gets into this groove, it is monumental, but you have to celebrate quietly so as not to break the spell. Watching children learn will forever be up there in my most favorite life moments.
Here are a few favs from my girls:
Elise didn't love the texture of finger paint, but she loved using cotton swabs to create.

Focus. Elise traced the butterfly and then incorporated her own imagination into the design.

Camille's about 18 months here. I love her focus!

Lessons in balance.

My goal is to listen and respect the "Do Not Disturb" sign when someone is creating (including me) because there's a whole lotta' something good going on.
Happy day,

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  1. Personally, I love the bare tush!