01 November 2011

Thank You Bramble Berry!

Much to my surprise, I received an unexpected delivery Friday. The outside sticker gave me a huge clue as to where the box came from, but I hadn't ordered anything. Hmmm.....

The suspense was building as I opened it. Notice the branding?

Wow! A thank you for participating on the Fall S.O.A.P. Panel.  

I now have a couple of fun, creative soap recipes with samples of what the finished product should look like, some activated charcoal (one of my fav colorants:), a fragrance oil and a gift certificate! A great haul for participating in something fun and rewarding. Thanks so much, Bramble Berry! 



  1. Wow! That's awesome! Now I want to get home to see if I have anything waiting too. It was lots of fun to test the samples! Jennifer