15 November 2011

Buy Local Lincoln County

Tomorrow, Wednesday, November 15, I will be on "Buy Local Radio" to talk about Calise Soapworks & SuchBuy Local Lincoln County is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting small businesses within our county. Here is an interesting quote from the Buy Local Lincoln County Website:

                 If everyone made a 10% shift in their discretionary spending
                 (groceries, dining out, clothes, entertainment and recreation)
                 to local retailers, over $10 million of additional income
                 would stay in our county. (This small shift in spending would
                 equate to a $44.57 per month local purchase per Lincoln County

Join us tomorrow at 8:30. Tune into 1230 AM KCUP Radio. If you are not local, you can listen online! http://www.kcup.net/ streams live online. Just scroll down the Home Page and the link is on the right hand side in red.

I'll be offering a special incentive to listeners, so tune in!

Happy day,
Got soap?

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